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About Raceline

Raceline Cars Limited was founded in 1994 by Chris Smith and Peter McEwen, primarily to develop the then recently-introduced Ford Zetec engine for club motorsport and fast road use. Raceline was one of the first companies to spot the potential of the new engine, and although it has expanded and diversified since, still offers a range of specialist components and tuning packages for the Ford Zetec engine. More recently, the company has developed a range of performance upgrades and tuning components for the Lotus Elise, products which have been universally praised by customers and critics alike. The latest product line is range of tuning and in-line installation components for the new Ford Duratec engine, as found in the new Ford Mondeo launched in late 2000

About Raceline

Raceline's technical director Peter McEwen was trained as an aircraft engineer in his native New Zealand, before his passion for motorsports brought him to the UK and a job with the Brabham Formula One team (now sadly defunct). Among other things, he built Brabham's wind tunnel, at the time a state-of-the-art facility, and was one of the team that created the infamous Alfa Romeo 164-based Procar, a one-off prototype which deservedly won praise from all who saw it for the quality of its design and construction. Peter has taken that experience and put it to good use here at Raceline, where he is responsible for all product design and development. An accomplished driver, having started racing in Formula Ford 1600 back in New Zealand, Peter won the popular Cars and Car Conversions Speed championship in 1993 and 1994 in the company's own Caterham Seven demonstrator, extensively modified and developed by Raceline, and Zetec powered, of course.

Perhaps it goes without saying that Raceline products are not the cheapest. Frankly, we don't care. Quality never comes cheap, and we make no apology for that. If you want the cheapest, you'd best look elsewhere: but if you want the best, you know where to come....

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