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Cam Cover

Raceline tend to use the standard black plastic cam cover on most Zetec-R focus engine builds, although the Raceline modified versions of the standard early Ford Zetec cam cover can also be used. There are two Raceline versions of the early cover -  the first is a simple red powder coated cover dressed back to expose the Ford and Zetec logos. The second cover is again powder coated in red (other colours are available for both cam covers on request) but with a carbon Zetec-R plinth inserted in a CNC cut recess, together with a spun aluminium filler cap. Both early spec cam covers and the black focus cover can be finished off with the cast aluminium cam cover insert which comes complete with mounting pedestals and capheads.





Cam Cover - Standard


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Cam Cover Zetec-R Carbon & Ali Filler - exchange


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Cam Cover Insert - Black Powder Coat


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Cam Cover Powder Coat (Red) - exchange


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