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Cylinder Heads

Raceline’s gas-flowed cylinder heads have quite a reputation for their detail, superb finish and, of course, performance. To get substantial improvements from what is already a reasonably efficient multi-valve cylinder head of modern design is no mean feat, made possible only because the revisions we make are painstakingly developed with the aid of a flow bench, an essential ingredient in any modified cylinder head, we feel.


Our most popular upgrade, using the RL200 camshaft kit, takes a standard 160bhp 2000cc Zetec engine on carbs to 190bhp (200bhp on injection). The work includes cleaning and balancing of the inlet and exhaust ports, a head skim to increase the compression to 11:1 and profiling work on the valves to improve flow. The inlet manifold is also matched to the cylinder head.


The next level takes an injected Zetec up to 220bhp and includes the same port work, but with the additional work required to fit a larger 32mm cam follower. This enables the Zetec to run a higher lift camshaft resulting in increased performance.


Beyond 220bhp, larger valves are used to compliment the higher performance cam profiles, where high revs are available from performance rods and forged pistons.

We invite anyone interested in one of our cylinder head upgrades to come and see a finished, machined head to get an idea of the finished item.





Zetec Cylinder Head Upgrade 190/200


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Zetec Cylinder Head Upgrade 240+ - from


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Zetec Cylinder Head Upgrade 210/220


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