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Engine Management

Raceline stocks GEMS and Omex engine management systems for ignition only, and fuel and ignition applications for the Ford Zetec engine range. In the early years of the Zetec, Raceline and GEMS invested a lot of time and effort into a range of base maps for standard and tuned Zetec engines, which have now been translated over to the Omex 100 and 600 series ECUs. Both ECU options can be supplied with programming kits if required. If you have any questions regarding engine management for your Zetec application, please do not hesitate to call.





Omex 200 ECU - ignition only


No details

Throttle potentiometer - injection


No details

Water temperature sender


No details

Omex 600 ECU - ignition and fuel


No details

Fuel pressure regulator


No details

Wiring loom - ignition only


No details

Air temperature sender


No details

Barometric pressure sender


No details

Wiring loom - ignition and fuel


No details

Throttle potentiometer - 40/45 DCOE


No details