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Water Hose Kits

When using the Raceline water rail, consider a set of Raceline silicone water hoses, to complete your Zetec installation. Not only will they greatly enhance the under-bonnet appearance of any Zetec-powered Seven, because of their inherent quality and durability they should also greatly improve reliability, which is why they are chosen and proven by many of the world's leading Motorsport teams. Where price is no object, you can of course plumb the cooling system with expensive steel-braided aerospace-style hoses and fittings; but for those operating on more down-to-earth budgets, our silicone cooling system hoses are, we feel, the optimum compromise between price, durability, reliability, and appearance. The hoses are supplied standard in distinctive blue - other colours are available on request.

The Raceline water hose kit includes three bespoke silicone hoses, a black-anodised aluminium water hose pipe (with take-off for heater) and hose clips.





Water hose kit - Zetec


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